Meek Mill has removed his Drake diss track, "Wanna Know," from Soundcloud. A source has told Complex Sports that Meek removed the song after receiving a cease and desist from the WWE. If you remember the WWE was not happy with Meek sampling  a portion of The Undertaker’s intro music in his “Wanna Know” track.

Does this mean that the Drake and Meek Mill beef has been settled? Meek may have removed the song because he wants to wash his hands of the beef with Drake altogether. In a comment from the "Check" rapper posted by DJ Akademiks​, the Philadelphia native explains his desire to move on.

Dreams Worth More Than Money 

Is the Meek Mill and Drake beef really over, or was Meek's move to remove his song a monetary decision? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. And while "Wanna Know" may not be on SoundCloud anymore, it still lives on on YouTube. Check the track below to refresh your memory.

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