It looks like Meek Mill season is right around the corner. Late yesterday (May 2), the MMG spitter previewed yet another new song through his Instagram page, and it sounds pretty dope.

The Instagram video finds Meek Milly rocking a Kevin Garnett jersey as the camera focuses on his back. Meek is staring directly into the studio monitor and vibing out as his presumably newly recorded new track begins playing. It begins with an emotional monologue.

"Shit, ever since I got money, I ain't been happy like I used to. They say you got to pay the cost to be the boss. Check this, when you the nigga with the money,  somebody go to jail, you got to pay they bail. Somebody die they gon' turn to you for the funeral. But I just be thinking like...when I'm going to be able to turn to somebody, shit? Bosses got feelings too. I done did shit for niggas a thousand times. Told them 'no' one time, and watch them talk crazy...but I still stood tall," he says at the beginning of the song.

Moments after the intro, which features dramatic piano, Meek launches into a song about aspirations to greatness and the type of dream chasing he's been doing his whole career. It sounds pretty epic. "Oh this the price of being great!" he captions the video.

You can peep the preview of Meek Milly's new music in the video below. Hopefully he'll give us all his new songs later this week in a follow-up to DC4.

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