Is Meek Mill trying to get Nicki Minaj pregnant? We really have no idea, but the MMG representer used his Instagram to make a pretty funny joke about that idea. You can see the picture above.

As you can see in Meek's post, a woman bearing a strong resemblance to Meek's girlfriend is posing in front of a mirror showing off just how pregnant she is. His caption reads "Haters will say it's photoshopped." As Meek already knows, this picture definitely is.

The woman in the photo the "R.I.C.O." rapper posted is actually fitness guru and insta-model Tammy Hembrow. She posted the picture onto her Instagram about four months ago. Looks like Meek might have simply super-imposed Nicki's face onto her's.

Considering how busy Meek and Nicki actually are, it seems kind of unlikely that either of them would try having a baby right now. However, that doesn't mean they aren't heating things up and preparing for a hip-hop version of an idyllic domestic life. A few weeks ago, TMZ reported that the pair were looking to move into an 11,500 square foot Beverly Hills home.

The pair's new home includes nine bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a five-car garage and a massive driveway. You have to think Meek wishes he could've stayed in their new home when he was on house arrest a few weeks ago. In any case, if his recent Instagram post is any indication, Meek doesn't need much to keep him entertained.

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