Meek Mill has been through a great amount of turmoil with the legal system, but there was a point where he feared even worse consequences due to an opioid addiction.

During a press conference yesterday (May 3), the Wins & Losses rapper admits that his previous addiction to opioids made him fear that he would be sent back to prison if he told his probation officer.

"At one point in my life, I was actually addicted to opioids," he admits during his speech. "I think it should be a line drawn where you have a drug problem where you’re scared to tell your probation officer you have a drug problem because you don’t want to be sent to prison for years."

Fortunately, Meek says that his probation officer actually helped him get help for his addiction by sending him to rehab. The Philadelphia native does stress, however, that there are many within the criminal system that are more than likely hesitant to admit their own addictions out of fear of possible legal consequences.

In a previous interview with Rolling Stone from March, while still incarcerated, Meek admitted to becoming addicted to opioids after a doctor prescribed him Percocet following a wisdom teeth removal surgery in 2013. He tested positive for the drug in 2015 after picking up a opiate habit, which is when a judge sent him back to prison for six months. He eventually got clean during the rehab program that his probation officer sent him to in Atlanta.

At the moment, Meek is using his freedom to work towards justice reform and wants to lobby for incarcerated minorities who are in similar legal situations.

See the video of Meek Mill speaking on his experience and addiction over at TMZ.

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