As far as hip-hop beefs go, the ongoing one between Meek Mill and Drake is getting pretty comical. So funny in fact, that people are trying to crack as many jokes as possible. And in the time of social media, making fun means making memes.

It all started last week when Meek went on a late night Twitter rant in which he made the claim that Drake does not write his own raps. Then, over the weekend, Drake dropped a diss track towards Meek entitled "Charged Up" followed by "Back To Back" early this morning, taking hilarious shots at Meek's stature in the rap game and relationship status with Nicki Minaj. Drizzy even had a PowerPoint of Meek-slandering memes as his backdrop during his performance at OVO Fest 2015.

As of now, the so-called "beef" is at an all-time high and people are taking the drama and running with it. Check out how many funny Drake vs. Meek memes the internet has thought up already.

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