Just a bit less than a week after the Judge handling Meek Mill's court case was ordered to release documents that potentially prove she's got some biases in regards to the rapper's legal battle, more bits pointing in that direction have surfaced.

On Wendesday (Jan. 31),  Complex posted some documents calling our attention to Genece Brinkley, the judge responsible for sending the Philadelphia rapper to prison for two to four years. One doc spotlights Brinkley's relationship with Carla L. Wilson, a City of Philadelphia employee who penned a service letter for the judge's lawsuit against the city. Wilson's initials can be found at the bottom of the doc.

Just hearing the details of that one makes it sound not so great, but there's definitely a legal component. It turns out, Wilson and Brinkley's collaboration could be a violation of the Judicial Code of Conduct, which stipulates that courthouse judges and staff can't work together on personal affairs.

The second doc is a 2011 police report. In it, Brinkley admits to having Wilson act as her "official witness" in the firing of Detective Richard Pacell. Pacell acted as her repair man when he was off from his day job. Brinkley had Wilson come in to see the firing so she could have her in court as a witness.

“I gave [Pacell] the Notice of Termination because I had concerns for my personal wellbeing. I asked my secretary (Carla Wilson) to go with me,” she says in the police report. Sounds like that could easily be another violation.

Judge Brinkley goes on to say Pacell became very upset upon his firing, and called her on her phone after he left. Brinkley then admits to putting Det. Pacell on speakerphone so Wilson could confirm that the exchange with the disgruntled detective had taken place when she appeared in court. Again, this definitely sounds like a personal matter.

Additionally, the media outlet speaks of a May 25, 2016 incident in which Judge Brinkley brought Wilson along with her as she visited Meek's community service session at  Broad Street Ministry while they were both off the clock. Such behavior is irregular.

These docs surface just a couple of days after a court clerk was fired for asking Meek Mill to help pay her son's college tuition.

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