The road to freeing Meek Mill just got a little tougher, thanks to today’s latest development. The judge who issued his recent jail sentence just denied his bail request.

According to TMZ, Judge Genece Brinkley considers Meek a “danger to the community” and a “flight risk.” In addition to her belief that temporarily freeing Meek is irresponsible, she also thinks he has been cheating his drug tests to get positive results, with a product called Fast Flush.

Meek Mill’s legal team originally sought bail on his current two-to-four year prison sentence, due to the rapper violating his probation. He has been on probation since 2008, and has struggled with it over that time.

Within the last year, Meek caught two cases that would eventually end up violating his probation. The first of which was an assault charge in a St. Louis airport, which was dropped. He was later charged with reckless endangerment in New York City, and reached a plea deal that wipes it from his record in six months, provided he stays out of trouble. Even with both of these cases having relatively minor legal ramifications, Judge Brinkley still considered them probation violations, and sentenced Meek.

In the past, Meek’s lawyers have accused Judge Brinkley of being biased against Meek, attempting to manipulate him to change management and shout her out in a song. In their mind, his refusal to go along with her plans hurt him legally.

The Philly MC and his team plan to appeal because they feel the decision is unfair.—Robby Seabrook III

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