The hip-hop world has lost another pioneer. Producer and co-founder of the Delicious Vinyl label, Matt Dike, died on Tuesday (March 13). He was 55 years old.

According to a post on the Delicious Vinyl website, Dike passed away in his Los Angeles home after a brief illness. The producer had his brother Lane and sister Vikyana at his side and was survived by his siblings, as well as his nephew Matthew.

Dike may not be one of hip-hop's most well-known figures but the producer was pioneer in the rap game. The driving creative force behind the Beastie Boys' 1989 classic, Paul's Boutique, Dike also co-wrote and co-produced Tone-Loc's "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina," as well as Young MC's "Bust a Move." The songs all went platinum, with "Wild Thing" going double-platinum.

The New York-born producer relocated to Los Angeles in 1980 and founded Delicious Vinyl with Michael Ross seven years later. Tone-Loc was one of the label's very first signings and his second single, "Wild Thing," hit No. 2 on the pop singles chart.

Thanks to "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina," Loc's Loc-ed After Dark album became the first album from a black hip-hop artist to top the album chart. Dike also mixed and produced for other Delicious Vinyl artists such as the Pharcyde, Mellow Man Ace and Def Jef.

Dike also played a key role in the creation of Paul's Boutique, being credited with bringing much of the samples featured on the album to the table. Considered a flop at release, the album went on to be certified double-platinum 10 years after it dropped.

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