Master P and Tiny are joining forces in the name of basketball, as the two now own a co-ed basketball league, which they announced last week. The two are owners of the Global Mixed Gender Basketball Professional League, which they announced at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Ga, prior to the Sept. 23 game that will feature the New Orleans Gators playing the Atlanta Heirs.

While the No Limit CEO has been heavily involved in the world of basketball in the past, Tiny marks as the first female owner of the league. Reports say that the league will consist of both male and female players playing on the same teams, along with both male and female coaches and managers. The players are also all paid equally, taking out the issue of male players being paid more than female players.

The GMGB league is also going to cater to communities in a major way, as each community that gets involved will equate to the league donating one scholarship to a high school male graduate and one to a high school female graduate. The league currently sees just three teams, but with the word spreading, we're sure more will be added in the very near future.

See the announcement from Master P and Tiny below, and check out more information on the league's website.

James Womack, Tiny Harris, James Scott, Master P, Micheal Barbie

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