Just as news breaks that Kobe Bryant will remove himself from upcoming games to rest and recuperate, the Lakers may have found a solution to their woes. TMZ caught up with Master P to talk basketball. The No Limit general joked that he would be the fulcrum in a Lakers' resurgence, adding that he would be the only one to "put Kobe in his place." (P added "[Michael] Jordan all day" when asked if the Laker stacked up to the Bulls great.)

Also on the table were the "I Can't Breathe" shirts donned by Derrick Rose, the Brooklyn Nets, LeBron James, Kobe, and others. "It's good, man," he says. "Standing up for what we believe in." The Louisiana rapper condemned the police officers who made the reactionary 'You Can Breathe--Don't Break The Law' garments.

P, real name Percy Miller, extended his tendrils deeper into the NBA than most realize. There were the brief looks with the Hornets and Raptors, sure, but a new VICE story chronicles the rise of No Limit Sports, the agency that famously botched Ricky Williams' rookie NFL contract and represented many NBA players. Included is the story of how P nearly signed with the then-lowly Dallas Mavericks.

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