Hip-hop's favorite saxophonist is back with another banger. DMV's Masego links up with production duo BrassTracks for the song "Melanin Man." Released on Soundcloud earlier this week (Aug. 20), the soulful song is all about celebrating Black culture in the face of appropriation.

"I'm a king, she a queen/They all know we great/I know you a fan/Oh you want my style?/Can you rock a pain chain?/Can you rock my sorrows?," sings 'Sego in the first verse.

As far as Internet notoriety goes, Masego's been a rising star for a while now. The charismatic 23-year-old has created his own niche in music he likes to call trap house jazz. Earlier this summer, this floral shirt aficionado dropped the jazz-infused tape Loose Thoughts, a follow up to his debut EP, Pink Polo. When XXL first chopped it up with 'Sego for The Break, the crooner claimed his main goal in music is to innovate everything about the artform.

"By innovate I just mean pushing the culture, that’s my main thing," explained Masego. "I don’t like stagnant. I don’t like doing the same thing we’re used to. I like how hip-hop is just shocking and fun. And inspiring is like we’re not just doing this for nothing, like there’s people out there that are picking up the instrument because you’re playing it or they feel encouraged because they’re listening to your music. So, when it becomes more than just plays on SoundCloud or impressing your friends and actually inspiring someone else that’s what’s really dope to me."

As for BrassTracks, the Tri-State duo made up of Ivan Jackson and Conor Rayne, they're still riding high off the viral success of Chance The Rapper's "No Problems," which they produced back in spring, but plan on working with acts like Towkio, Anderson .Paak and S’natra in the future.

Check out "Melanin Man" above.

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