Ma$e and Cam'ron currently have all eyes on them over their newly-resurfaced beef, which reached a boiling point yesterday (Nov. 24), when Murda put out the diss record, "The Oracle."  The former Bad Boy MC goes deep, opening old wounds and trying to slander the Purple Haze rapper's character. Now, Ma$e is breaking down the song's lyrics. The Harlem World rapper recently linked up with the folks at Genius to annotate some of his harshest bars.

Ma$e confirmed that it was Killa's lyrics on the song, "It's Killa," off Cam's new mixtape, The Program, that set him off. On the track, the Dipset rapper speaks about a situation where he claims he had to protect Ma$e from the boyfriend of some woman he was creeping with. "I ain't give a damn, yeah Cam I was gung-ho/Got this nigga home and he passed me a hundo ($100 dollars?!)/Told him straight up I ain't feeling him/Let me curve this nigga 'fore I end up killing him," Cam spits.

"Somebody asked me about it at the [Thanksgiving Day] parade and I was with my kids, but that’s New York for you," Ma$e explained. "So I put them on a plane, sent them back home and then was like 'Daddy’s gonna handle this.'"

According to Betha, the first lines of the song ("Imagine 20 years with a bitter bitch and the same drama/Dame told you do this shit and you don’t see Dame karma") reference Dame Dash trying to get the two rappers to beef for publicity. "That’s why every time I would hear him say something, I wouldn’t say nothin' back because I knew it wasn’t real," Ma$e revealed. "Every time they would say somethin' I would see them and it wasn’t no problem."

As far as his lines about Cam's squabbles with Dipset, Ma$e offered, "The crazy part about this rap is that when I start going down the line and start going in; y'all know that’s true." He added, "There is nothin' here that you can say, 'Oh that was just a hot bar.' All of that is true. Down to Jelly Fam. All of that is true. All I’m doing is repeating something that was already stated."

It seems to boil down to Ma$e being at his wit's end, as Joe Budden implied. "I let a lot of things slide, but when you start getting to the body harm aspect of it, I can’t let that slide," he added. "That’s really all it’s about."

Best believe, we will be getting a full-blown response from Killa sooner than later. Last night, he debuted a snippet of his upcoming reply. On the track, a preacher is giving a sermon, an obvious reference to Ma$e's time as a pastor. "It's time to get the facts across/Somebody pissed the pastor off," Cam'ron raps. "You done opened up the door/I'm petty ready for war/I ain't got a sister only sister I fucked was yours," he spits, in reference to Ma$e's accusation that the Dipset rapper had sex with his own sister. And that is just the beginning.

In the post's caption, Cam also revealed he will be dropping a new mixtape, The Program 2, on Jan. 1. We are guessing his new diss will land on that offering. In another post, he adds a video about Ma$e being a "false teacher." This is just getting started.

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