Just a little a week after dropping his Metro Boomin-produced banger "MadeinBoomin," Madeintyo returns with "Showin Love," a candy-coated Dwn2Earth-produced track with some not-so-sweet player bars for all the ladies out there.

The new track finds the Atlanta rapper crooning over some dreamy keys and energetic percussion as he lays out his intentions cleanly. He goes through the physical acts of showing some TLC, but at the end of the day, he knows that's what he's not looking for—and even if his lady friend is.

"But you want to hit me up/Yeah, I just wanna fuck (uh, uh)/When I'm kissing on your neck/Yeah, I know it fucks you up/Yeah, but I'm showing love," he sings on the track, leaving the impression that he's thinking to himself.

It's been several months since Madintyo dropped his True's World EP, and it looks like he's trying to do big things in 2018. Last summer, he was named a 2017 XXL Freshman and spoke on what that meant for his career.

“People dream of this moment and as an artist, as a rapper, even if today you don’t do nothing else after this, this is a staple in hip-hop history to be on the XXL Freshman cover, just off grip,” he says. “From right now, every move that I make, I’m geeked for my son to understand what happened or what was going on. Like, ‘My dad was on this cover.’ This is one of those things that you’re excited about. My fans rocked with me. This is the best timing. If you have something, if you’re a star, you are going to shine when the light hits you.” Word.

Check out "Showin Love" for yourself below.

madeintyo via SoundCloud
madeintyo via SoundCloud

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