Is this life imitating art or vice versa? A few days after he crashed a D.C. wedding, dancing with the wedding party and guests, Macklemore releases the video for "Dance Off," in which he crashes a wedding and dances with the party and guests. Idris Elba, who carries the song's chorus, stars in the video as well, with Mack visiting various portions of a hotel, taking with his the infectious need to bust a move.

Directed by Ryan Lewis and Jason Koenig, the video shows Macklemore in a hotel ballroom, a diner, a locker room and a hotel lobby, inspiring dance offs in each, with hair raising results. The track comes from Mack and Ryan Lewis' This Unruly Mess I've Made, which dropped back in late February. The duo had previously released videos for "Kevin" and "Downtown," with "Dance Off" adding to their artistic portfolio.

Macklemore spoke with XXL for our Spring 2016 issue about his new album and more, saying, "The strategy that we had around releasing this music wasn’t about sales. If it would’ve been about sales, I don’t think we would’ve put out a nine-minute song about White privilege and White supremacy five weeks out before the album drops...I’ve sold millions of records and been miserable. The album is a piece of music that I’m really proud of—a number doesn’t reflect that, a comma doesn’t reflect that, some zeroes don’t reflect that."

Watch the "Dance Off" video up above.

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