Macklemore's new single tackles a subject that hits very close to home. The Washington native goes into great detail about drug addiction on his latest track "Drug Dealer" featuring Ariana DeBoo. The song is a very personal record, which he also produced with the help of Budo.

"They said it wasn't a gateway drug/My homie was taking subs and he ain't wake up/The whole while these billionaires stay kicked up/Paying out congress so we take their drugs/Murderers who will never face the judge/And/we dancing to a song about a face gon' numb/But I seen homies turn grey, noses draining blood/I could've been gone, out 30's, faded in that tub," Macklemore raps.

The single serves as a complimentary piece to Macklemore's new documentary Prescription For Change: Ending America’s Opioid Crisis. The film examines the opioid epidemic with Macklemore providing insight about his own battle with addiction.

"I was on Percocet. All of a sudden I’m doing it every day to the point where I have this dependency,” Macklemore said. “And I remember the guy that I was getting them from didn’t have any more. And he said but I have this other thing. It’s called OxyContin. Within a week I was isolated in my room doing this drug just to stay alive in a way.”

Prescription For Change is set to premiere tonight (Oct. 11) on MTV. The documentary will debut at 9 p.m. EST then replay at 11 p.m. EST.

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