Kanye West said in his infamous Zane Lowe interview from last year that hip-hop was the new rock and roll. With this in mind, it's not farfetched at all that Machine Gun Kelly is doing some rhyming in a track titled "Rock and Roll." There's also the distorted guitars to drive that point across.

Machine Gun Kelly previously dropped "Wanna Ball" at the start of his No Class tour. "Rock and Roll" is for his city, especially Cleveland sports. The performer put out this message along with the track's release:

"With all of the renewed energy in city I decided it was time to create a new theme song to celebrate the Cleveland Browns. Check out “Rock and Roll” (Dog Pound Remix)Sing it loud and proud this Sunday 9/14 when I perform at half time as the Browns take on the New Orleans Saints. Our city…our team…Cleveland Browns."

The perpetually mediocre Browns have been getting some extra attention this season because they drafted the Drake-approved Johnny Manziel. He isn't starting, but Cleveland does look somewhat promising after a 30-27 loss against the Steelers.

MGK's No Class tour is still ongoing. Check out his tour dates here.