Just months after dropping The Spook... EP with Knxwledge and finally releasing Haitian Body Odor on SoundCloud, Mach-Hommy is back again with his latest solo effort, Dump Gawd: Hommy Edition, released June 7th. The album sees Tha God Fahim on five of the 11 tracks, in addition to Heem Stogied and Your Old Droog, who are also featured. The album is priced at $77.77 and features production from a couple well-known beatmakers.

The legendary Alchemist lends his hand on the album, producing songs like "Long Time" and "So Much More," and even Earl Sweatshirt did a couple beats on the LP. Though he doesn't use his production moniker, RandomBlackDude, Earl appears to be behind two of Mach-Hommy's latest tunes, "Allen Iverson" and "Nothin' But Net," as well as "DNA Swab," a 33-second interlude. The complete list of producers on Dump Gawd: Hommy Edition also includes Sadhu Gold, Sage Elsesser, Lill Wiardon, Sage Elsesser and DJ Preservation.

Fans of Earl have been anticipating his next release since 2015's I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside: An Album by Earl Sweatshirt. In late February, the former Odd Future member announced he was officially back in the studio with a single tweet. "Making the album for you rn" he announced to the joy of the rap internet. The last time his audience heard anything new from the rapper was in September 2016, when he premiered three new songs at the One Love Music Festival In Calgary.

View Mach-Hommy's tracklist in full below and cop it on his Bandcamp.

1. "Rale Bulgarian" (prod. by Sadhu Gold)
2. "A Partridge & A Pear Tree" Feat. THA GOD FAHIM (prod. by Sage Elsesser)
3. "So Much More" (prod. by Alchemist)
4. "Allen Iverson" Feat. Heem Stogied (prod. by Earl Sweatshirt)
5. "Conchshell" Feat. THA GOD FAHIM (prod. by Lill Wiardon)
6. "DNA Swab" Feat. THA GOD FAHIM (prod. by Earl Sweatshirt)
7. "Nothin' But Net" Feat.. Your Old Droog (prod. by Earl Sweatshirt)
8. "Mac Flurries" Feat. Heem Stogied (prod, by Sage Elsesser)
9. "Social Media" Feat. THA GOD FAHIM (prod. by DJ Preservation)
10. "Long Time" (prod. by Alchemist)
11. "Rorshach's" Feat THA GOD FAHIM (prod. by Sage Elsesser)


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