Lupe Fiasco is known for his love of video games, anime and martial arts, but come Jan. 1, 2019, the Chicago rapper will no longer be indulging in violent forms of media, including music, television shows and more.

On Tuesday (Aug. 21), Lupe hopped on Instagram to reveal that he will be giving up "gratuitously senseless and or purposeless + excessively violent" media. "This includes all of the violent music, media and movies I grew up listening to and watching up until this point," the rapper wrote.

According to the "Made in the USA" rhymer, giving up the violent forms of entertainment will allow him to focus on more peaceful "narratives" in the world. "There are so many other narratives in this world that involve peaceful means of cohabitation and expression with humanity and the world at large that deserves attention, absorption and contemplation," he continued.

While it's uncertain which shows and video games Lupe will be giving up exactly, the rapper did say he would make an exception for a few of his favorite games such as Street Fighter and Devil May Cry. "You can still get these [hands] in Street Fighter tho also the new Devil May Cry and Death Stranding will be summarily exempt! #TheTranquiloLaws are coming into effect."

Along with giving up violent media, Lupe may also be done with working with other artists. In July, the Windy City MC revealed he doesn't like doing features and won't be doing any more in the future. The rapper also revealed his Drogas Wave album would be coming soon.

Check out Lupe Fiasco's Instagram post below.

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