Lupe Fiasco works at his own pace, but a new album may be coming soon. The Chicago veteran, who recently retired from features, posted art on social media on Thursday (Aug. 2) referencing a new project titled Drogas Wave.

The image shows Fiasco crouching in ripped denim jeans, a denim button-up and an assortment of jewelry, underneath text that reads, "The New Album By Lupe Fiasco" and "Wave." Inside the latter word is a photo of a wave and additional text that reads "Drogas" (the Spanish word for drugs). He notes in the caption that the art is not the cover.

Fiasco has discussed a project by this name before and claimed on Instagram in April that it was fully recorded. It would be his seventh studio album and first since February 2017's Drogas Light. He also dropped his "Calm Dat" freestyle in January.

Little is known about the project, although Lupe teased details in another Instagram post featuring a screenshot of an email from distribution company Thirty Tigers. The spitter's project manager Al Thrash sounds hyped.

"Bro, this album is nothing less than incredible!! Way too many notable quotables to call any one thing out," he wrote. "But the lyrics, production and concepts are all beyond dope!! I can understand why it took time and why by no means can any of it be broken up in its delivery!!"

View Lupe's Drogas Waves art and Instagram posts below.

Lupe Fiasco
Lupe Fiasco

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