Lucki is ready to give his fans his long-awaited Watch My Back project, as the anticipation is only growing higher. As he originally slated for the mixtape to come out in the first quarter of the new year, the Chicago rapper has pushed the release date out to make sure it's up to perfection, but he's tiding fans over with two new tracks in the meantime.

The "Feels Like Death" MC released the two brand new records to his Soundcloud page, which are titled both "SUNSET" and "don't you love me." Both songs are pretty brief, with "SUNSET" being just over two minutes long, while "don't you love me" is only a minute and a half of sounds. The songs are both perfect for the warm weather season that is quickly approaching upon us, as the smooth instrumental caters to the rapper's calming delivery of his new rhymes. The two songs are not part of the tracklist for Watch My Back, so fans can expect even more new music to follow with the project's release.

Both songs follow in the footsteps of his latest video release for his mellow "No Wok" record, which was produced by Plu2o Nash and Meech. The song is slated to be featured on the new tape, along with 16 more tracks that have a slew of different producers. Surprisingly, there don't seem to be any features listed on the mixtape, which could make this a completely solo project from the Chi-Town native.

Listen to the new tracks from Lucki below, and take a look at the official tracklist for Watch My Back.

Lucki's Watch My Back Tracklist

1. "Miss Me" (prod. by Grimm Doza)
2. "Are U Wit Me" (prod. by Gnealz)
3. "Owe Me" (prod. by Forza)
4. "Komfortable" (prod. by 6Below)
5. "BPRHNT" (prod. by Ravi)
6. "Leave Wit You" (prod. by Plu20 Nash)
7. "Expectations" (prod. by F1lthy)
8. "THANK GOD YA WIT ME" (prod. by F1lthy)
9. "Fast Car" (prod. by Pu20)
10. "Dirty You" (prod. by UglyFriend)
11. "No Wok" (prod. by Pu20 Nash & Mayhem Meech)
12. "Options" (prod. by F1lthy)
13. "Now To Me" (prod. by Lil Voe)
14. "Owe A Nigga" (prod. by Plu2o)
15. "Waiting on Pink" (prod. by DZY)
16. "Showtime" (prod. by Plu20)
17. "Over" (prod. by UglyFriend)


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