Friendships were mended on Love & Hip Hop: New York last week and this episode is geared around much of the same when it comes to Cisco and Rich Dollaz.

But first, Juelz Santana is throwing his annual charity basketball event in Harlem, and Drewski slides through to show his longtime industry friend support. While the event is all about positive vibes, Drewski has some bad news he wants to share with Juelz, who has moved Sky into his home recently. Drewski had suspicions about his girlfriend snooping around his stuff, so he set up a secret camera in his living room. The footage captured Sky going through his belongings without his permission.

Juelz says that Drewski's best decision would be to sit down with Sky and do whatever he can to calm her suspicions and make her feel secure. Drewski loves Sky and wants to be with her, but hopes she can get past her trust issues because he doesn't want it to take a toll on their relationship.

Peter Gunz links up with Rich Dollaz to give him a play-by-play of his fight and reunion with Cisco. While Peter wants to bring Cisco back into the Creep Squad fold, Rich has his reservations and is unsure if Cisco can be trusted, given his recent actions against hims, Peter and DJ Self. However, Peter continues to play devil's advocate in hopes that Rich will have a change of heart and make amends with his former partner in crime.

Erika D. throws a birthday party for her child, but when Yandy and her children don't show up, she takes offense. According to Erika, Yandy's absence is her way of getting back at her after things went sour. When Judy shows up, Erika and Samantha bombard her with questions about Yandy and her marriage to Mendeecees, but Judy refuses to give them any information. She remains steadfast in her stance that her son and Yandy are married, documents be damned.

Major Galore is hellbent on getting the final slot at Power House with DJ Self, and is rehearsing her stage show heavily. Cisco, who is still on the prowl for new artists, decides to pay Major a visit to see what she's been up to. Although he's aware of Major's involvement with Self, he completely disregards it in light of their beef, and says that he has no allegiance to him. Major is impressed with Cisco's personality, talents as a producer and his looks, which is evident by her willingness to let Cisco assist her in her pursuit to be first lady of Gwinnin Entertainment. Cisco also says that he intends to get payback for Mariahlynn turning her back on him, and helping Major, Mariahlynn's chief rival, strengthen her odds of outperforming her at Power House.

Snoop and J. Adrienne sit down and rehash what happened at the Gorgeous Gangsta showcase, and although J. Adrienne wants to fix the situation, Snoop wants to break ties from her personally and professionally. J. Adrienne continues to profess her love for Snoop, but her words fall on deaf ears, and it appears the two will no longer be an item.

Judy stops by to see Yandy and spill the beans about what occurred between her, Erika and Samantha. Although Yandy is visibly surprised by the news of a birthday and says she never had an invite, when she gets wind of Erika and Samantha's tactics and accusations about her marriage, Yandy reveals her own information about Erika and Samantha's plans to create a scandal involving her and Mendeecees in an attempt to make her look bad. Yandy says that she believes that she can persuade Samantha to come to her better senses and let her beef with Yandy go, but says that her and Erika are a different story and that she plans to fight fire with fire.

The showdown between Mariahlynn and Major Galore finally arrives, but the latter's set is underwhelming, leaving the door open for Mariahlynn to snatch the victory over her counterpart. When DJ Self confides in Peter Gunz and Rich Dollaz for their opinion, both agree that Mariahlynn has the better performance of the two prospects. When the two women join Self and the Creep Squad after their performances, they immediately become catty and begin throwing jabs at each other. The argument immediately heats up between the two, and Major Galore goes below the belt by disclosing what Cisco told her about assisting Mariahlynn financially, leading to a minor dust-up between the two ladies.

In an attempt to teach Sky a lesson, Drewski posts the footage of Sky going through his phone on his social media account, which leads to an argument between the two. Sky remains suspicious of Drewski due to catching him in a compromising position in Bianca's hotel room, and their relationship looks to be on shaky ground.

Rich Dollaz and Cisco meet up to discuss their issues in an attempt to get to the bottom of their beef. When the two give a rundown of their issues, they share a heartfelt embrace and appear to be closer to resolving their issues with each other, bringing the Creep Squad one step closer to being a complete unit.

DJ Self is frustrated with the way the showcase featuring Mariahlynn and Major Galore went down and attempts to put the issues to rest. The meeting gets off to a rocky start, with Mariahlynn hurling a drink at Major, payback for the latter doing the same at the showcase. But when Self gets caught in the melee, he puts his foot down and forces the two to behave long enough to air out their grievances. When Major reveals how she received the info about Mariahlynn, the three realize that they've all been manipulated by Cisco and make him the enemy that finally brings unity to the Gwinnin Entertainment team.

Samantha gets in contact with Mendeecees, who has gotten word of her and Erika's plans to humiliate and drive a wedge between him and Yandy. After confronting Samantha about her and Erika's actions, Samantha chooses to make her son the topic of the conversation, throwing the phone call between the two off the rails and leaving little room for common ground.

Yandy pops up on Erika to confront her about her and Samantha's plans to create trouble in her and Mendeecees' relationship and expose her. Erika initially denies the accusation, but when Yandy and Judy reveal that they heard the tape, her tune begins to change. Samantha, who Yandy and Judy believed was brainwashed by Erika, throws everyone for a loop when she says that she also has Judy on tape, causing all hell to break loose. When Samantha calls Yandy a bitch, Yandy attacks Samantha, leading to security getting between the two, ending yet another episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York on a volatile note.

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