Confrontations and less catfights are the theme during this week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Although the other ladies opted to decline Joseline’s offer to show up to her video shoot, the sixth episode of season six finds Jessica Dyme, Joseline’s former friend, in attendance. She wants to get closure on how their relationship deteriorated. For her part, Joseline apologizes for her actions and Jessica Dyme also owns up to her own shortcomings, and the issue is resolved quickly, giving them the opportunity to move forward peacefully. Joseline extends another invitation for Jessica Dyme to appear in the video, an offer which she accepts.

Stevie J is attempting to get his life back on track, and the presence of his two daughters, who have come to live with him, has grounded him and put him in a state of reflection. When Stevie's daughter suggests that he reconcile with his son, Dorian, Stevie admits that he may have mishandled the situation at the time, but is open to a reunion.

Mariah is looking to break out from under Ciara and the Glam Shop and has begun making plans to open up her own establishment, but has run into some cash flow problems. Her plan is to blackmail Shooter, whom she’s been having an affair with, into fronting the rent and bills for the shop. The ultimatum Shooter balks at and he informs Mariah that he will no longer be controlled by the threat of her revealing the nature of their relationship.

Treasure, who Yung Joc took under his wing and has made his assistant, spills the beans on her interaction with Tommie in Joc's presence. Treasure says that she wants to inform the rapper’s baby's mother, Sina, of his dealings with both Karlie Redd and Tommie, a suggestion that rubs Joc the wrong way. This puts him on the defensive, resulting in him reminding Treasure of her place as his assistant and not a relationship counselor.

Lovely Mimi and Mariah meet to catch up on things and Mariah begins to discuss her affair with Shooter, which takes Lovely Mimi by surprise. She's disappointed that her friend would get romantically involved with a married man. However, Mariah remains adamant about Shooter paying for her new business and says that if he fails to, she’s ready and willing to spill the beans about their affair to Ciara.

Stevie J and his son, Dorian, finally come face to face in an attempt to mend their differences and move forward on a united front. When Dorian says that he feels that Stevie was absent as a father, he explains that he was handling his business professionally, and the two are able to let bygones be bygones and end their meeting on a positive note.

Yung Joc has been reeling with all of the drama that he’s been involved in, but has taken issue with Rodney’s assertion that he and Joc’s baby's mother, Sina, have been having relations. The rapper stops by Sina's house to see if there’s any truth to what Rodney said. When Sina admits that she and Rodney are dating, Joc says that he has lost respect for her and Rodney. However, she insists that he’s overreacting and that her personal business should be none of his concern. Joc, in turn, says that if Sina had Rodney around his children, the situation will surely escalate and take a turn for the worse, a threat which Sina laughs off.

Stevie J takes the DNA test that will prove whether or not he is the father of Joseline’s child and says that he has begun to have a change of heart. The producer says he only reacted harshly to Joseline out of anger.

The day of Joseline’s video shoot has begun and the Puerto Rican Princess has called in extra hands to appear alongside her, but Yung Dro, who Joseline asked for assistance, has invited Ciara, Shooter’s wife, to the video shoot. This turns into a conflict of interest being that Lovely Mimi is also in attendance. It doesn’t take long for things to get prickly, as the two foes quickly clash, and Mimi blurts out that Mariah and Shooter have been having relations. This news comes as a shock to Ciara.

Ciara, who doesn’t believe Lovely Mimi’s accusations, begins to bicker with Mimi before exiting the venue to get to the bottom of the situation. Another spark begins to ignite when Dawn, Joseline’s confidant and an enemy of Jessica Dyme, shows up to the video shoot. The two initially give people the cold shoulder before cooler heads prevail and the ladies are able to get the camera rolling for the video shoot.

When Ciara confronts Shooter about his relationship with Mariah, Shooter admits that he slept with Mariah—the latter happens to arrive while Ciara is talking to Shooter. When Shooter reveals that it was Lovely Mimi and not him who told Ciara about their affair, the news blindsides Mariah, but she shrugs it off and says that she can do whatever she wants. But it’s obvious that her plot has fallen apart, leaving her to pick up the pieces and move forward without Shooter or the Glam Shop to catch her fall.

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