The first portion of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season five reunion was explosive, but the second part of the finale is equally buzzworthy and entertaining. Things kick off with Tammy, who opens up about her separation from Waka Flocka Flame. She says that the majority of what the blogs report served as the catalyst for their breakup and that her relationship with the rapper's mom, Deb Antney, is still intact. Although she's not currently living with Waka Flocka Flame, they're still working towards a reconciliation and plan to attempt to patch things up.

Mimi Faust answers pressing questions about her sexuality, pegging it as fluid, but Ariane believes that she has always liked women. Chris also gets into a spat with Ariane over an alleged diss record that she recorded in the aftermath of her breakup with Mimi. Ariane and Chris almost get into a physical altercation after tensions rise, but are separated by security. When Chris and Mimi have a convo, Chris admits to still being in love with Mimi. The latter also admits to having feelings for Chris, but seems non-committal about any chance at a reconciliation.

Karlie Redd reveals that she and Yung Joc have been in contact and are working to get past their differences. KK King admits that she isn't too fond of Tiarra, who says the feeling is mutual. Apparently Tommie had an altercation with Tiarra previously. Jessica Dime chimes in and writes off Tommie as a hoodrat and says she acts out of control at the club. Tiarra does regret getting into a fight over Scrapp, but maintains that she was just defending herself and doing what she had to do.

Tommie moves in on Karlie Redd, pegging her as a jumpoff and rebound for Scrapp. According to Tommie, Scrapp only dealt with Karlie because they were on break. Tiarra also felt disrespected by Karlie Redd dealing with the father of her child, even though Karlie was unaware of their prior relationship. Karlie tells everyone she visits Scrapp while in prison to hold him down, however Tiarra has a different story to tell. She claims Scrapp wants her to visit but she won't due to her secret marriage. Karlie Redd and Scrapp also disclose that they've had a heart-to-heart conversation about their beef and they've decided to bury the hatchet.

KK King reveals that she has reason to believe that Scrapp's son, King, may not be his biological child. Tiarra claims that King is indeed Scrapp's child and that this is yet another ploy by KK to tarnish her name. KK also makes it a point to deny all allegations of criminal acts that have been flooding social media and the blogs, maintaining her innocence. Ernest, Scrappy's father-in-law, talks about Mama Dee's drinking problem and that he didn't mean to throw her under the bus, but was trying to protect her. Mama Dee also admits to being a bit sexually frustrated and feels that they still have a way to go as far as being a couple.

Lyfe Jennings shows up at the reunion and explain the nature of his relationship with Karlie. She says that Lyfe requested to have an open relationship with her and that was a red flag. Lyfe says that Karlie is a liar and admits that he was in a relationship with her, but denies that he ever got another woman pregnant. When Jessica Dime inquires about the authenticity of the wedding ring that Lyfe gave her, the two begin to bicker before making it clear that they will not be seeing each other anymore. Karlie Redd then requests that Lyfe be escorted off the set, all but signaling the end of their relationship and any chance for rekindling a flame.

Stevie J is informed that Joseline may be pregnant with his child, prompting him to request to speak to him. Joseline and Stevie J finally come face to face to discuss their pregnancy. Stevie J's reaction is to inquire whether Joseline has been with any other men, which angers and upsets her. He also says he didn't appreciate Joseline slandering his name on Instagram and social media and asks for an apology, but Joselines refuses to. She says that she intends to keep the baby, but Stevie J says that if she doesn't apologize that he will leave her, causing her to become distraught. But Joseline has a change of heart and says she's sorry for all that she's done and that it was out of anger.

Stevie accepts her apology, but Joseline insists that she doesn't want to have the baby without her. However, the two would prove that they could not coexist after the reunion, taking to social media to bash each other once again. Joseline says she wants nothing to do with Stevie anymore and has every intention of being a mother without him. Stevie says that if the baby is indeed his that he will let the courts decide the agreement that the two come to concerning parental rights and visitation.

The Stevie J and Joseline era of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta seems to have run its course, but we're sure the next season will be full of surprises to keep us on the edge of our seats.

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