The New York borough of Staten Island is mostly known for the legendary Wu-Tang Clan and Haas G & Kool Kim. But outside of them over the last 20 years, the Shaolin has been relatively quiet when it comes to producing new hip-hop talent compared to New York's other boroughs such as Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens and the Bronx.

21-year-old Brooklyn born, Staten-bred Lou the Human is looking to change that. The mixed raced MC—it's reported he's of Puerto Rican and Italian/French/Peruvian descent—has the talent to make it big. Dude can rap his ass off, showing great storytelling ability and flexibility in his delivery.

In the video for his single "Brink," Lou is seen laying on the ground and proceeding to get up to start his long walk around the block. While he raps, he is seen hopping in a shopping cart that is being pushed by his friend with a mask on.

"Only 20 but I been a vet, been a threat/ Been a winner since I been a sinner, so it's been forever," he raps. "Brink" was self-produced, and he's lent his production talents to the likes of The Underachievers and Jazz Cartier.

Lou is gearing up to drop his upcoming EP, Humaniac, very soon. Watch the video below.

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