The Metropolitan Police of London, England are trying to bring an end to drill music for five members of the U.K. group 1011.

According to a June 7 report from The Independent, the Metropolitan Police have applied for a court order that would prevent members of 1011 from making drill music for three to five years. The five members the police want to prohibit from creating music range from the ages of 17 to 21 years old.

Police say Micah Bedeau, Yonas Girma, Isaac Marshall and two other 17-year-old boys make drill videos that are "clearly and only designed to incite violence." The group's videos have been viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube.

“It is the explicit nature and the aggressive nature of the lyrics that make these videos of concern to us,” detective chief superintendent Kevin Southworth said. “There were a number of different drill videos and social media postings that were clearly and only designed to incite violence and provoke each other.”

As for claims of censorship, Southworth says the department is not looking to demonize drill music and claims the court order isn't about regulation or censorship. "This is about making sure that we look specifically at the behaviors that have occurred and do what we can to prevent them from occurring again in the future in a way that is likely to result in violence," he said.

Last month, up to 30 drill music videos from U.K. rap artists were removed from YouTube after police claimed the visuals and songs incited violence. Following the removal, 1011 set up an online petition calling for police to stop the banning. The group stated they were being targeted by police "with orders to stop their promotional use of YouTube."

Prosecutors will now present seven videos from 1011 to the court as evidence. The videos will include the group's song, "No Hook," which reportedly features lyrics about shooting rival gangs.

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