Nearly two months after the removal of close to 30 U.K. drill rap videos from YouTube, streaming pornography site PornHub is now hosting a number of videos from groups such as 1011 and Block 6.

Searches on the site for "1011" bring up multiple videos from the rap crew, including their appearance on Tim Westwood's show. The Daily Mail also reports that videos such as 410's "Sparkz" and 1011's "Play for the Pagans" appear on the site.

The videos' appearance on PornHub come a month after London police applied for a court order that would prevent members of 1011 from making new drill songs for three to five years.

“It is the explicit nature and the aggressive nature of the lyrics that make these videos of concern to us,” detective chief superintendent Kevin Southworth said. “There were a number of different drill videos and social media postings that were clearly and only designed to incite violence and provoke each other.”

Not to be confused with the U.K.'s grime genre, drill is inspired by the same genre made famous in Chicago in the early 2010s by rappers such as Chief Keef and King Louie. Known for its explicit lyrics about life on the streets, U.K. police believe the genre glamorizes violence, murder and stabbings.

While it's uncertain if the artists are receiving any money for their videos being streamed on PornHub, the views will certainly give them more publicity as they continue to fight against U.K. police.

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