After revealing the release date, cover and title of his new album in dramatic fashion, Logic has shared the title track of his latest LP. Listen to "Everybody" on iTunes or stream it below.

On the track, he spits, "If it was 1717, black daddy, white momma wouldn't change a thing / Light skin mothafucka certified as a house nigga." And later: "Not accepted by the black or the white, I don't give a fuck, praise God, I could see the light / Everybody talkin' 'bout race this, race that, wish I could erase that, face facts."

In a recent interview, he explained why he changed the album title from AfricAryaN to Everybody.

"Black folk who don’t realize I’m mixed will treat me like I’m some racist person, or when white people find out I’m black, they treat me with racism and I don’t feel like I belong or fit in anywhere," he said in the interview. "So that’s what that term was about. It is a negative statement, I’m either one or the other."

He also said that as he continued making the album, his music became less self-absorbed. "As I created the album, the album just became less about me and more about everybody else. It became about other people’s struggles. I was discussing race on this album because I was so scared to do it before and I realized that it’s the things that we’re most scared to do that is going to help others the most.”

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