Looks like Young Buck heard Rick Ross' diss against him and 50 Cent on "Wing Stop" because today he goes off on his new banger "Loco." "Fuck a diss record, I'm on that get the bricks record, I want a get rich record," he says in the beginning on track.

The G-Unit addresses everything: Donald Trump, sublimely dissing Rick Ross ("I would spray a mack at your Maybach"), Drake/Meek's beef ("Real Niggas ain't got time to entertain none of that fake shit/I don't want to hear about Nicki, Meek or none of that Drake shit") and Sandra Bland's death ("Rich nigga still hand 2 hand/White green brown & tan/Running round wit da Taliban/Trying 2 kill the man who killed Sandra Bland). For a little over three minutes, Buck rips apart the Bandplay-produced beat. The record is strong and with Buck's aggressive style, "Loco" sounds ferrous. It will be interesting to see if this the start of another war or nothing at all. What's clear is YB is ready for action.

Listen to "Loco" below.