Locksmith blessed his fans in September with a new mixtape called The Lock Sessions. The Bay Area MC returns to the project for two music videos, each highlighting his lyricism.

The "Past" video, which can be seen above, sees Locksmith driving around the city at night. The simplistic visual puts all the focus on his bars, which are deft to say the least.

"Picture me rapping for pennies/Picture me locking myself in my room/As far as the raps I had many, but something was holding me back I assumed/That you would understand me, but my voice got lost in the fumes/I had to reassert and reassure myself I'd eventually bloom/Never doubt another man's drive/Never second guess when you forced to survive/Never underestimate or test or rate another person can ascend when they rise," Locksmith raps.

For the "Koolio" video, Locksmith posts up in front of a wall filled with newspapers. The subject matter is heavier, but Locksmith still manages to put out lyrical exhibition.

"They say the hood got a death wish/They say the cops got a fresh list/They say we suffering from deafness/But corporations see us all as investments/I say the truth takes precedent/But if you talk about God, they act hesitant/But if you talk about love then you're a specimen/Cite them all and they use it to your detriment," Locksmith raps.

If you have not already, head over to iTunes and cop The Lock Sessions. The project is a prelude to Locksmith's Olive Branch album, which is due out in 2017.

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