The latest throwback project from Mello Music Group is here. Locksmith and Apollo Brown's No Question dropped today (June 15), serving up eight tracks of vintage lyrics and loops.

The project pairs hyperpersonal verses from Locksmith over boom-bap beats from Brown that swing like the golden era. The Bay Area rapper finds every pocket and offers raspy reflections on his childhood and career. The only guest is DJ Los, who lays down scratches on the song "In My Element."

Both of the duo's previously released collabs, "Litmus" and "No Question," appear here, as does the particularly heartfelt "Advice To My Younger Self," which is framed as a letter to Lock as a kid.

"You dabble with addiction, the money, women and stardom/But the camera lens can be a narcotic, don't try to bargain/If you barter with a sense of morality, more tragedy/But flaws the foundation, I hope you found you some patience/I hope you don't put your faith in man, it never helps/Even trust can be a vice, some advice to my younger self," Locksmith spits, before a trumpet sample enters and clears the air.

The EP is Lock's first project since his 2017 album Olive Branch. Brown, meanwhile, last produced Planet Asia's 2017 project Anchovies.

Listen to Locksmith and Apollo Brown's No Question below, where you'll also find the cover art and tracklist.

Locksmith and Apollo Browns's No Question Tracklist

1. "Just Ask"
2. "Advice To My Younger Self"
3. "No Question"
4. "Between The Raindrops"
5. "Litmus"
6. "Slow Down"
7. "In My Element" featuring DJ Los
8. "Wake Up"

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Mello Music Group

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