And just like that, Z-Ro unleashes No Love Boulevard, the final album in a legendary career that spanned for two decades. Check out the Houston rapper's final offering below.

At 14 tracks with no features, No Love Boulevard is a concentrated package of everything fans have come to love about the Houston-bred MC. On "Belong to the Streets," Z-Ro waxes on about is unbreakable bond with the streets. On "From the Other Side," the H-town artist explores the possibilities that accompany positivity, while showcasing his smooth singing voice in the hook.

If you want to hear Z-Ro go into some straight bars, you should probably check out "He's Not Done," a track that finds the rapper venting as he attacks a minimalistic instrumental.

“Fuck these rappin’ niggas/I was slappin’ niggas/When I came around they were nervous/They say ‘Ro ain’t the best/He is just depressed/He ain’t got it all/He is just a mess,” he spits on the song. There's more where that came from, too.

Check out both the tracklist for No Love Boulevard and the album itself below. Cop the new project here.

Z-Ro’s No Love Boulevard Tracklist

1. “Lost My Mind”
2. “From the Other Side”
3. “Solid”
4. “Belong to the Streets”
5. “They Don’t Understand”
6. “You’s a Bitch”
7. “Brang a Stacc”
8. “Devil in Me”
9. “Play Me”
11.”Lit Up”
12.”We Are”
13.”Bye Bye”
14.”He’s Not Done”

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