Where many artists chalk their leaked music up to a loss, Young Thug knows quality when he hears it. The prolific Atlanta rapper suffered a rash of leaks early this summer, spanning early versions of Barter 6 songs and dozens that had yet to be released. Some of those made their way onto Slime Season, his second mixtape of the year. Today (Oct. 20) he continues the streak, releasing a full, reworked version of a song called "No Joke." Previously heard in part, the Chopsquad- and Metro Boomin-produced cut leans closer to Slime Season's maximalism than to Barter 6's restraint. No word yet on whether this new version will appear on Slime Season 2, the mixtape that Thug has been teasing on his Instagram for a couple of weeks. The "Danny Glover" star was supposed to see his retail debut his stores through 300 this year, but it now seems as if that project has been pushed back to early 2016.