Well$ has been making a name for himself in the digital press with a series of low-stakes, high-concept songs (see: "98 Juvie," "Bike Safety"). Now, as evidenced by his last dispatch, the Kendrick Lamar-sampling "Clocks," the North Carolina rapper has turned his focus to touring life and the practical and philosophical complications that come with it. So with no warning, Well$ has let loose with two new songs, the first of which, "6:08 a.m. in Cleveland," borrows its title, concept and undefeated letterman posturing from Drake. (Producer Tommy Coyote could very well have placements on all your favorite albums in 2016.)

The second cut, "Naked Truth," comes complete with cover art that will have this page blocked in your school's computer network. A collaboration with Hasta, "Naked Truth" marries warbled singing with rolling hi-hats for something that's less confessional than it is performative. Well$'s strength is his ability to be dynamic and declarative, and the new work finds him moving as deliberately as ever.