Snoop Dogg has always been to proud represent to Long Beach. The Doggfather routinely references his home in plenty of song throughout his career, but now he's giving Long Beach an official anthem. Snoop Dogg drops a brand new single called "I'm From Long Beach" to rep for the LBC. There's nothing subtle here as Snoop tells you exactly what it's like living in Long Beach.

"Classics, ain't giving out no passes/Get low or get going, you gon' end up getting blasted/So plastic, it's drastic, I'm gon' keep doing my part/I was raised up on the eastside, born and bred in King Park/After dark, no hooks, no marks, all G's/Dip through the funk house and I graduated with all C's/So dope and I made bread/Never switching that's some real shit/Stayed down from the playground/And I always represent 20s Crip," Snoop raps.

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