Chicago has a storied tradition of battle rap, and some of its most revered MCs have been involved in the less-than-legal. But with the notable exception of the drill movement, most of the music that has broken through to mainstream audiences over the last decade has been message-based, with a socio-political bent. (See: West, Kanye; Rapper, Chance the.) But those who listened closely to The Social Experiment's Surf might have caught someone who splits the difference beautifully. Saba, a precocious Windy City artist with a preposterously engaging live show, had "Smthnthtlwnt" all to himself, and he made sure to jimmy his way into new listeners' heads. Now, he's back, with a single that features another one of Chi-town's most talked about young rappers, Timbaland protege Tink. Their collaboration, "Temporary," is the kind of grandiose music that you'll hear out of cars and licensed in Disney movies decades from now.