People like to draw party lines when it comes to Chicago rap--the drill scene is here, the cerebral stuff over by the park. But even in her own corner of the Windy City, Noname Gypsy is criminally overlooked. She's one of the most promising rappers out of the Midwest right now, and her contributions to Chance The Rapper's "Israel (Sparring)" are a strong argument to that effect. Where Surf, the album Chance made with his musical collective The Social Experiment, is busy, cluttered, jubilant, "Israel" is stripped-down and restrained. Fresh off a six-track EP with Lil B, Free, Chance is more sober here, toying around with the ideas of training wheels and danger. The new cut is the opposite of his nascent single "Paradise," but it has the precocious rapper's signature thoughtfulness. But, again, it's Gypsy who steals the show, her voice slipping from measure to measure, darting over bar breaks at unpredictable interludes.