Bryson Tiller has been on a meteoric rise, going from relative unknown to a major player with co-signs from Drake and Timbaland. His RCA debut T R A P S O U L only did more to raise his profile. While the album is still the singer's main focus, the Kentucky native delivers a brand new song called "Smoke Me Out" produced by Cartune Beatz.

If you're still not a member of the Bryson Tiller bandwagon, don't forget to check out's interview with Tiller as part of The Break series. Tiller talked about how listening to The-Dream inspired him to start writing song.

"I started listening to The-Dream a lot," said Tiller. "That’s when I really got into writing songs. I like the way he put lyrics and makes his songs. So I was like, all right, and I just started writing. That’s when I started wanting to be a songwriter. I never really wanted to be an artist. I just really wanted to write songs. But of course I can’t get placement unless I demo the songs."