ScienZe drops a new song titled "South Bronx" that is a must add for your playlist. The Brooklyn native shows off his flow, switching in between styles while rapping about a young Queen in a beautiful city. "Late night up in the park/All I see is crescent moons/Flat tops all sharp, word/The Shawties walk how they walk/When the cabs hit the breeze/Such a sight such a nob/Big thangs, big things in the sky alone/It's fried chicken and some fries in the fly zone/A little better make it clearer where my eyes are/This is bad start, this is south Bronx," raps the BK talent.

"South Bronx" is ScienZe first single off his upcoming project A Traveling Man 3 EP, which is due out June 23. The track is produced by ShunGu. The last track we got from ScienZe was another banger referencing another city. “Southside, Queens” featuring Blu and Elle Pierre is fantastic and you can bump that here. Listen to "South Bronx" above.