SaveMoney is slowly making major waves in 2015. Leather Corduroys and Vic Mensa join forces for a new banger. "Have U Eva" thumps with ridiculous aggression and ferocity. Kami and Joey Purp attack the Ikaz Boi and Myth Syzer-produced like cage fighters.

Kami fires off in his first verse: "Have you ever done your worst/Did u ever pop a molly come up out your shirt, turn up on a nigga?/Nigga whats a consequence." Not to be outdone, Purp rattles off bone-shattering bars right after: "Have you ever seen a script/Have you ever served a nigga then he upped the burna on ya flipped the script/Have you ever seen a savage."

Mensa comes in and starts his verse off with asking "Have you ever been a leader?" This new record is a keeper on anyone's iTunes playlist. The duo consisting of Kami and Joey Purp joined up and released their full-length debut Seasons in January. We interviewed the three Chicago MCs and the rest of SaveMoney earlier this year. Read their profile here and bump "Have U Eva" above.