ILoveMakonnen pulls up with a brand new project just in time for summer, and he seems completely aware of the timing. How do we know? Well, his newest body of work is titled Fun Summer 17 Vol. 1. The purple lettering shining down on a shimmering ocean really sort of hammers home the point, too.

Makonnen's newest project is short and sweet, comprised of seven tracks showcasing his glossy, Auto-Tuned vocal stylings and thematic diversity.

On "Killing Me" he sing-raps about being afraid of sharing his feelings with a prospective lover because he's afraid they won't be reciprocated. On the following song, titled "Super Chef 2," Makonnen raps about his exploits as a trapper, making the whipping of work as accessible as a catchy kids' song. Meanwhile, "Paper Trees" finds Makonnen, who revealed that he was gay back in January, referencing people's perception of his sexuality.

All in all, Fun Summer 17 Vol. 1 is a cool collection of tracks for Makonnen's fans, who haven't heard a solo project from the Atlanta-bred artist since March 2016's Drink More Water 6.

You can check out the tracklist for Fun Summer 17 Vol. 1 and the project itself below. It's definitely worth a good 25 minutes of your time.

ILoveMakonnen's Fun Summer 17 Vol. 1 Tracklist

1. "Killing Me"
2. "Super Chef 2"
3. "Paper Trees"
4. "Dark Blue"
5. "Kiss For Me"
6. "Line 2"
7. "Lonely Girl"

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