The debut album from Spanish Harlem native Bodega Bamz has finally hit the proverbial shelves. Sidewalk Exec. sports contributions from Bamz' peers in the new wave of New York MCs; the Flatbush Zombies stop by for the previously released "Bring Em Out," and fellow Latino Joell Ortiz lends his growl to "Gods Honest." The record is thoroughly New York--you can practically smell the tenement hallways in which Bamz grew up, the steam blowing up through the grates in the sidewalk. Perhaps most moving, though, is the last song, "I'm Ready." The brooding track recounts Bamz' rise to the forefront of his city's rap scene, but it's broken up by phone conversations with the late A$AP Yams. The former manager, executive producer and blogger is found here as he lived, dispensing sage advice and pushing the talent out to the world. At the song's conclusion, Bamz takes a second to eulogize not just his fallen friend, but all his extended circle of family and friends who passed away before their time. It's a gripping moment that gives the record a new dimension; when Sidewalk Exec. loops back around to intro "Down These Mean Streets," the stakes are decidedly higher.

Stream the album in its entirety via Spotify below. You can also purchase it via iTunes right here.