What's in a name? For most rappers, picking a stage name is one of the more defining representations of what's to come from an artist's career. Whether it's a childhood nickname or one gleaned from the streets, a take on their given name or an acronym for what they represent, stage names are important for a rapper's image and career. So when an artist uses their full government name to title a project, it's largely to make a point about its content, whether a more personal take or a story that hits close to home. Plenty of artists go the self-titled route, but when it comes to titling things after government names, the pool becomes smaller.

There are plenty of exceptions to the rule, of course; Charles Hamilton, rapping under his given name, has released a slew of mixtapes interpolating his name, while both Gucci Mane and Eminem titled multiple projects after themselves. Lupe Fiasco, on the other hand, has three albums titled after his own rap name, though none are his government name. Without further ado, here is a collection of 18 hip-hop albums wrapped up with an MC's government name.