Yesterday (August 13), word got out that 50 Cent had some new heat for his fan base. Video surfaced online of the Queens rapper performing a starkly personal new single called "9 Shots." The song, which he said would be included on his long-awaited Street King Immortal, plays off the 2000 shooting that left him in recovery for half a year and uses the titular shots as metaphors for difficult points in his life. Where much of 50's post-Curtis, pre-Animal Ambition material was marked by an obvious play for the pop charts, "9 Shots" reverts back to a more personal style of songwriting that endeared himself to fans on the early-2000s New York mixtape circuit. Whether the one-time global pop star can fully remake himself as an independent outsider remains to be seen, but it sounds as if his pen is as sharp as ever. Above is a video of the song's debut performance; for now, the studio version is available only on iTunes.

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