Kanye West's fiery performance at this week's Brit Awards, where he debuted his new single "All Day," sparked a storm of excited reactions and fervent anticipation for West's next record. But not everyone was thrilled with the new record. According to The Daily Mail, Lionel Richie was none too pleased with the song, particularly Kanye's repeated use of the word "nigga." "I don't think it's okay for a Black man to use the N-word," Richie said. "I don't like it--and I am a Black man. I don't think it should be said and become normal." British television executives tried to mute West's performance to minimize the number of expletives that made it to air; despite the short tape delay, several curses went untouched. Dismissing West's contributions to music as "shock value," Richie questioned whether the rapper would be relevant 10 years from now. Kanye's debut album, The College Dropout, came out in 2004.

"All Day" features St. Paul rapper Allan Kingdom and longtime West collaborator Theophilus London and is produced by Velous and French Montana. A rough recording of the song surfaced nearly a year ago, albeit in a stripped-down form with no guest vocalists and less of the foreboding tone that marked the Brit Awards version. The song is expected to appear on West's forthcoming seventh studio album, for which neither a title nor a release date have been announced.