Lil Yachty has gone from 0 to 100 this past year—rising from a local rapper to literally the king of the teens. While for the most part, Yachty's transition has been purely fruitful—a few of his tweets—past and present— have been known to stir up some controversy. Let's just say Yachty's Twitter fingers are viral trigger fingers.

Like many other rappers, Yachty suffered the fate of his past tweets surfacing in the present. Words that Lil Boat took for pure buffoonery as a kid in high school made their way to the media and included tweets that swore off J. Cole and more—The rapper had some explaining to do. While he cleared that air in an interview with 106 KMEL explaining that there was no rhyme or reason to the social media comments back then—it seems like even now these moments just don't stop.

From Lil Boat's most recent beef with Soulja Boy on social media to his back-and-forth with Ebro—Yachty is not one to hold back when it comes to unveiling his feelings at any moment on any form of social media. There's even a few recent one-liners that have caught the attention of the masses. Remember when Lil Boat tweeted "Ion wanna be Nas, I want to be rich"—a lot of people had opinions about that.  Or when he tweeted Pete Rock after the vet made some unfavoring comments telling him he didn't like his music either—Yachty has no chill.

In the gallery above, check out quite a few of Lil Yachty's questionable tweets— and being the controversial character that he is, there's likely to be many more.