Back in May, Cash Out dropped a track called "Ran Up a Check." Perhaps the song did not take off like he thought it deserved to as he has re-released it with a new verse from Lil Yachty. That's not a bad move considering the buzz that's surrounding Lil Boat these days. Cash Out still maintains a leading role as he kicks off the song.

"Serving all these traps, everybody getting money/Boy, you know I'm in the kitchen/Start playing, end up missing/Chef Curry with the third/Boy empty out the third/Got me riding with the third/Got me riding with the third/And I know you niggas heard me/I'm swimming like when I'm perfect/Stay 10 toes down, never ever got nervous/Can you picture me in that Maybach closing out my curtains/Got your main bitch, she flirting/Told her hit me back, I'm working," Cash Out raps.

After Cash Out delivers the hook and another verse, Lil Yachty comes through with his own boastful bars to add a little something to "Ran Up a Check."

"Crystal mouth diamonds, see 'em shining when I'm walking/30,000 on that, nigga, you can tell that he flossing/Got it off the boat, I'm so important, I need scopes/Out that top row, when I walk around ain't no joke/I know you hated, I'm teenage and younger/I be from the bay that sounds just like thunder/Pull off in a Hummer, who know where we going/ I'll run up a check for my set/I make sure all my dogs straight like a vet/Put a chain to his neck like a motherfucking pet/Why'd you charge me/Count 100,000 after Omni, I'm rich," Yachty raps.

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