Lil Yachty is weeks away from his official debut album, Teenage Emotionsand ahead of the LP's release on May 26, he's released his new 1980's-influenced song "Bring It Back." Buy it on iTunes or stream it below via Apple Music.

The Free School-produced track finds Yachty wanting that old thing back. "I know you happy with him but you were happier with me/All them times at the beach, all the sand in your toes/All your friends, hatin' hoes/They just mad 'cause we be goals," he raps.

Yachty's been the talk of Twitter this week after he was questioned by Joe Budden about what kind of deal he had. The Atlanta rapper later hopped on Twitter to try and clarify what had happened. Read what he said here.

XXL spoke to Yachty recently about all the attention he's been receiving as of late—the good and bad. "Fame is so different for me now," he shares. "Compared to last year it’s a completely different life I have. I can’t walk out in public. I gotta be careful now about the things I say. I gotta watch every move I do. You know, it’s a lot of things that are different now but it’s the life I asked for, so I just had to quickly adjust to it. It is what it is now."

Listen to "Bring It Back" below.

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