It looks like a friendly challenge has been issued between 2016 XXL Freshmen Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert.

A few days back, LUV treated fans to a snippet of some new tunes on Instagram. Yachty then left a joking critique of the track in the comment section. "Sound hard but don't sound harder than that Yachty," the Atlanta rapper posted.

The purple dread head eventually caught wind of the comment and responded, "Put out your album so I can destroy that shit with mine. And don't rap threw [sic] your nose on this one."

Accepting the call out, Boat posted, "Sounds like a challenge."

Yachty is currently working on his debut album Teenage Emotions, recently revealing the title in an interview with MTV.

“My fans are so loyal and dedicated that I don’t care that much about winning people over, but I know it’s gonna change and people will eventually give my shit a chance, bro,” he said of the new project. “That’s why I’m working so hard on this album, not to please other people but I’m just really trying, bro, to show people that like, I’m not just fucking bad!”

Vert is also working on new music, specifically his new mixtape Luv is Rage 2. The Philly rapper has been previewing songs off the project on social media for the last month.

He is also putting together the sequel to his 2016 mixtape The Perfect Luv Tape.

Lil Yachty via Instagram
Lil Yachty via Instagram

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