And just like that, we have a new song from Lil Wayne. Today (March 5), Weezy offers up the new banger "Vizine."

The track finds Tune questioning what he sees, pumping out red-eyed queries as he slow flows over the subdued track. "Why me? Why oh-why-oh why me?/Why do I look up and see my feet?" he raps on the chorus. "Am I rising?/But why do my peak look like it's out of my reach?/Why can't I trust what I see?"

Wayne keeps the same vibe as the song progresses, dropping witty puns and metaphors. "My scene just a crime scene/Got the high beams and the sirens, yeah," he raps on the first verse. "My team we could buy teams/Talking dirty money? Check the hygienes/All the dirty money get dry cleaned/Talking dirty money, Sam Rothstein/All my goons kidnap your offsprings while I was working on my golf swing/Oh, sweet dreams, sour nightmares/It's a cold world, I got an ice grill/No one man should have all that power if he can't afford to pay the light bills."

While the track is official, sorry fans— it is not a Tha Carter V addition. The song is off clothing brand Ethika's upcoming mixtape, RBG 2, which is set to drop on March 7.

Speaking of clothing lines, last month it was revealed that Tune is releasing his Young Money clothing line in Neiman Marcus. The collection contains an array of garments including coach jackets, hoodies, long sleeve graphic tees, track pants, snapbacks and dad hats.

Music-wise, Wayne has kept fans happy with his recent releases of Dedication 6 and Dedication 6: Reloaded.

Listen to Lil Wayne's new "Vizine" track below.

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