Lil Wayne dropped his new mixtape, Dedication 6, on Christmas Day, and fans are still unwrapping the long-awaited release. The new tape features a healthy dose of Young Money artists, as Nicki Minaj , Gudda Gudda, Cory Gunz, Euro and HoodBaby make appearances, with one of the standouts being the Barbie-assisted "5 Star."

Tune and Nicki catch bodies over Post Malone and 21 Savage's "Rockstar" track. Nas' boo pops off first snapping, "I been smoking gas, killin' bitches, man, I feel just like a gang-star/Cover up my face like a ninja in this Alexander Wang scarf/I'mma drop a bag they gon' pull up and then they gon' let them thangs off/I ain't switchin' up my hairstyle but my niggas let it bang off/Percocets and addyi's lookin' for a fuck I could give/All these hatin' bitches plottin' why they can't let me live."

Wayne goes next over the Tank God beat. "I got a draco in the sofa/A eggo in the toaster/A cradle in the chocha/The yayo doin' yoga/And I wake up smell the Folgers/I don't know how I woke up/'Cause I was in a coma/But now I'm in the moment," Weezy spazzes.

Nicki has been blacking out on verses as she puts the finishing touches on her new album, including going in on guest spots on A$AP Ferg's "Plain Jane," Migos' "MotorSport" and Lil Uzi Vert's "The Way Life Goes (Remix)."

Listen to Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj's "5 Star" below.

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